Yesterday's Future J. Scriba

“People are crazy for those telephones. We are already turning out 200 pairs a day.”

Werner von Siemens, 1877
Time and space are intricately interwoven in the museum's basemet. A mobile phone with built-in camera in almost mint condition now sits on a shelf just a few feet away from the first waterproof relay made by the “Society for Wireless Telegraphy” in Berlin. Stored in 1912, this device once made transatlantic communication possible.
Did the “Alibiphon 2000”, an early answering machine dated 1968 in a clunky case of faux wood, make it to the telecommunication hall of fame? Did the programmers of the “Frog Bog” game console module from the 1970s know anything about the “precision voice telegraph” made in 1885 that is stored two shelves up?